Friday, November 23, 2007

Half past monsoon

TTWC 2007.126

The black is old Crucci 12ply bought at the Smith Family last year and the blue is an odd ball of 12ply crepe donated by Spidey. She really gave it to Mum but it's too thick for the wrist warmers so back it came.

Still loving the slip stitch. This one has a very Ska feel to it.

Concerning the birthday books - thanks for confirming my choices :). Canberrans, of course, will get a chance to drool and read - eventually.

It is great to be getting a "gift" that is exactly what I want. I'm kind of hoping they don't arrive on the day because there'll be a family dinner and I won't be able to spend quality time with the books that night.

The EZ titles have been on the wish list for quite some time. They complete my EZ collection, except for the DVDs, but had I bought them I would have had to miss out on the other books. Another time.

I have Anna Zilboorg's, 45 Fine & Fanciful Hats to Knit and Fancy Feet: Traditional Knitting Patterns of Turkey . She does gorgeous colour work and like EZ, treats her readers with respect. The older I get the more I appreciate the heretics and original thinkers in all areas of life. I've ALWAYS appreciated outspoken women.

And yes, the new scarf book looks amazing. I've seen some of the items online and they are wonderful. There is a freebie online of The Shag *snigger* and it's a mind-freak. I played around with it a couple of weeks ago before deadline knitting hit. I'll go back to it soon, maybe when the book arrives.

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Janet McKinney said...


If you are going opshopping this weekend - and come across some cotton to make wash cloths with - can you get some for me (willing to pay of course)...

Or better yet - can I come opshopping with you ;)