Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thinking of all that I've left behind

My relationship with Ravelry was cool at the start but is now burning quite steadily.

I was dubious about the need for yet another social network. I have a couple of blogs and a flickr account to document projects, a yahoo group, many email addresses and other ways to be contacted either by message or by phone. I'm so connected I feel strangled and I was over online fora a LOOONG time ago. I really don't have a huge amount of time to deal with a whole lot more communication.

I also have some concerns about the homogenization of knitting and knitting cultures. None of these concerns have gone away and are amplified by the possible demise of our own Yarn magazine.

The queue facility is fun, but I am already starting to feel a bit anxious about it, mainly because it puts a date on when I queued it adds a time pressure dimension. Queue may disappear and be replaced by a series of bookmarks again.

But what I'm loving MOST about Ravelry is the stash facility. I decided not to upload the whole boodle - there are bandwidth considerations - but I did put up newly acquired materials and my small, but growing (!) stash of good yarn to encourage myself to Knit the Pretties (a little gift because sometimes I forget to play with the pretty things, too).

I spend far too long just staring at my pretties on Ravelry. In spare moments I find myself just checking in on it. It's like I can take it with me almost everywhere I go. It would be sad if it wasn't so bizarre.

And if you're looking for me on Ravelry - I'm Taphophile over there as well.


Margie said...

I didn't sign up for it for the same reasons - I didn't think I'd ever get around to uploading the photos- as you can tell from my blog I am not big on doing that these days. But then I keep hearing about patterns and forums that sound useful. And pattern reviews and yarn reviews would be good too...
I just joined the waiting list. I'm still not intending to use the stash and queue functions though. I just let it all marinate in the basket until I want something else to do and then figure it all out then. :)

Jejune said...

Totally agree about the online communities - I cancelled my Facebook account a while back for similar overload reasons.

But I'm enjoying Ravelry too - was very neat the other day when the designer of the Toddle Scarf (on Knitty) left a comment on my Toddle project, saying she liked what I'd done with it - very cool :D

Janette said...

I've not entered anything on Ravelry as yet ... would be too much pressure facing "the list" everytime I went in!
I do like the idea of having the stash on hand to gaze at where-ever you are though. Might look into that one!

Donna Lee said...

I have still managed to resist the urge to sign up. I was afraid from the sound of your blog that you were giving it up and that would make me sad. I spent a lot of time perusing body art sites when I got my tattoos and it is amazing what people will do to their bodies to stand out. I have three ear holes for earrings and have considered a fourth and have a ring in my belly button but a flesh tunnel is right out!

Marg B said...

I'm loving reading the Ravelry forums in and getting inspiration and reviews of patterns and yarns but I haven't yet got around to putting up my stash. Partially this is because I don't want to face up to how much I have but it is also because I'm a slack photographer. Which is silly, as it's probably my best bet of offloading the mohair yarn I have that unfortunately I've developed an allergy to.

Bells said...

i like lots of bits of ravelry and do rather like your take on the project queue. That makes sense to me. I hardly ever look at my queue and fancy tidying it up.