Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 ...

TTWC 2007.123 with geranium, or is it a pelargonium? Not sure that I really care all that much - it's pretty.
Cleckheaton Landscape

As much as a day off is always welcome, I rather missed being at work for Melbourne Cup Day.

Melbourne Cup Day is a very social day at work. Public interaction is usually lovely - even better than Christmas Eve because there's less stress all round. We wear silly hats and bring the TVs out and staff and public alike stop and watch the race together.

Because we are open to the public, we don't have a luncheon and indulge in alcoholic beverages in the afternoon like some workplaces. We usually have a breakfast (still no alcohol) and we have sweeps. The guy who normally does our sweeps retired this year and as I had been his assistant in previous years, I was all set to be bookie this year.

As it was, I gardened for a couple of hours this morning before taking the girls on a variation of one of our favourite walks through Westbourne Woods and having lunch at the Oaks Brasserie which is dog friendly and even has a dog menu. I did not buy the girls a lunch, they had a taste of mine and a drink of water instead. They also got lots of attention from other diners.

The Shopping Sherpa declined to join us on our walk, being very occupied in producing things today, so we gathered some supplies and dropped in on her and Nibbs for afternoon tea. I got to see the world's smallest knitted cupcake and we unloaded bargains on each other.

A perfect day except for Peggy frothing at the mouth and emptying the contents of her stomach onto the driver and driver's seat of the car on the way home. She's fine now which is more than I can say for the upholstery. I suspect she ate one of TSS's mushrooms. Stupid dog.


Jejune said...

Hubby and I were having exactly the same discussion about Melbourne Cup Day - it's great fun as a bit of a silly day at work or school, a chance to socialise, place a bet (even when you normally never do such things), have some yummy things to eat - a 'bonding experience' if you like. Now there's none of that... I don't think it's an improvement.

Bells said...

You know, I decided I'd take the day off over lame office entertainment and poor food any day. Maybe I'm just yet to have a really good workplace cupday?