Sunday, November 11, 2007

Seven Things Week 10

IN (76)

  • 1 skein blue boucle yarn from TSS.
  • 2 fashion mags from TSS
  • 11 knitting mags. My back order from Interweave arrived and TSS contributed the Fall Knit 1.
  • 2 sock projects worth of yarn from Nundle
  • 1 bag curly mohair from Nundle
  • 1 bag fibre from Nundle
  • 1 cone winder, part of a job lot of spinning accessories bought sight unseen last year and delivered this week. I kept this and
  • 1 bag alpaca fibre, ditto
  • 1 dress - my Christmas party frock. $3.50 Salvos
  • 1 pair Kumfs patent leather ballet flats - my Christmas party shoes. $3 Salvos
  • 1 pair jeans - to replace the two pairs I've had to bin recently. $3.50 Salvos
  • 1 skirt - skirt $6 Vinnies. Not strictly speaking necessary, but it was pretty and I was in a weakened condition after finding my Christmas frock and shoes for $6.50 in one place on the day my half-price coupon kicked in.
  • 1 pair bathers. Black with an animal print instert - grrrrrr and so me. :) VINNIES $5
  • 16 prs faux tortie, halex, bamboo and circular needles. SALVOS $4 3 pairs socks worth yarn. SCABLIGHT. My mother made me. It was Cleckheaton Cocoon for $3 a ball dammit.
  • 32 x 25g balls of baby wool at $2 a ball. SCABLIGHT - see above. It's 100% merino 4ply and it's going in the dyepot today. I'm ashamed of the place I bought it but not of the quantity. This stuff is gonna be used and soon. It's roughly 6 matinee jackets worth.

OUT (120)

  • 3 pot holders. Awful, manky, grease stained things. RUBBISH
  • 10 x 200g skeins. GIFT
  • 1 reusuable green bag. DONATION
  • 34 postcards to the collector I know. GIFT
  • 2 greeting cards. RECYCLING
  • 1 refillable diary. OP-SHOP
  • 1 pair hand-knitted socks. GIFT
  • 4 pairs pyjamas. WOMEN'S REFUGE
  • 18 bags of beads. GIFT
  • 3 tops. WOMEN'S REFUGE
  • 1 pair slacks. WOMEN'S REFUGE
  • 1 Patons pattern book. GIFT
  • 1 spinning wheel (not mine but it's been here a year and now it's going)
  • 4 bags spinning fibre for the new spinner GIFT
  • 1 beanie to yet another old codger who goes to pulmonary rehab with Mum GIFT
  • 18 foam Christmas decoration bases to the preschool DONATION
  • 6 pom poms to the preschool for crafty fun. DONATION
  • 10 x 50g yarn. GIFT
  • 1 vintage cr*****ed bag. GIFT


  • 2 beanies
  • 1 scarf

IN 76
OUT 120


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Yay! You made it!

And can't you count your 32 x 25g balls of baby wool as 6 in since they're for specified projects?

Taphophile said...

I'm trying to be honest,here, TSS! 32 is 32.

Marg B said...

I am constantly amazed by your finds at the Salvos. My local op shops have virtually no yarn or needles - aside from those I've donated!

roseygirl said...

Just stopping by to say hello I have been so slack lately with my own blog and also stopping by the blogs linked from mine, so I am trying to fix that :)