Saturday, November 03, 2007

Seven things week 9

Nine weeks in, plus a few weeks earlier in the year, and the changes are starting to be seen, but in unexpected places.

The laundry is an unexpected place to see less clutter, as is the bathroom. But unlike the bathroom there's been no time or thought spent deliberately culling the laundry.

Maybe it's that there are fewer clothes lying around, fewer shoes to be polished - less maintenance of unnecessary things. It's curious.

Again, not so much with the photos this week. Sometimes it's a matter of getting it gone quickly rather than pausing for a close-up.

IN (36)

  • 1 bucket with a sealing lid for birdseed - the ants got into the big bag of birdseed that was not at all effectively sealed with a peg. $2 Vinnies
  • 1 4mm x 60cm circular needle $3 Vinnies
  • 6 books including the Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook - thanks Jordan. :)
  • 1 baking dish. This was my Nanna's. It's a lovely old heavy pan - much better than my light dish which has difficulty browning anything.
  • 23 Patons patterns for the collection.
  • 3 cones knitting yarn - Vinnies, $2, $3 and $5 a cone 2 x 12 ply for beanies, 1 x laceweight- tell me you'd have left it there!
  • 1 teeny little tripod, a gift from TSS

OUT (256)

  • 129 sewing patterns. VINNIES
  • 4 sewing patterns. GIFT
  • 27 craft magazines VINNIES
  • 50 silk ties accumulated for craft projects that have never eventuated. Given to a friend who will use them. GIFT
  • 2 silk scarves, see ref silk ties. GIFT
  • 1 pair shoes VINNIES
  • 1 alarm clock VINNIES
  • 12 pattern books GIFTS
  • 1 ball sock yarn GIFT
  • 1 orange polyfleece jumper bought from Vinnies for a craft challenge but I forgot to use it. VINNIES
  • 1 book GIFT
  • 1 woven mohair tam in the family tartan VINNIES
  • 1 canvas handbag with bamboo handles bought with the fantasy of beachside cafes and sportscars at dusk. VINNIES
  • 1 large yoghurt container of aluminium can ring pulls. I've been saving them for a craft project but bugger eco-craft, I'm tired of the clutter. RECYCLING
  • 1 small box of wine corks. See ref ring pulls above. DONATION to the Girl Guides who do things with them.
  • 1 dog collar. A gift for Peggy from the kids for her first Christmas with us. Peggy does not need it. VINNIES
  • 1 pair jeans. RUBBISH
  • 1 baking dish. RUBBISH
  • 1 fry pan. RUBBISH
  • 1 glass wine carafe VINNIES
  • 1 bag of bees wax to someone who makes lip balms and stuff GIFT
  • 1 mouli - incomplete VINNIES
  • 2 Grolsch beer bottles GIFT for Dad. This seems fair as he is one of the reasons I have clutter and not stored collections. Did I tell you there is a shed in my backyard that I'm not allowed into? If I dare put something in it he places the trespassing article on my back step in a most accusing fashion. If I had (access to) a shed, storage would not be such an issue. That the inherited magpie tendencies. Admittedly, not just his genes but he chose to mate with another magpie.
  • 1 lazy kate. GIFT
  • 1 bag tissue paper. GIFT
  • 1 bag acrylic yarn. GIFT
  • 6 sets knitting needles. GIFT
  • 1 mobile 'phone and charger. GIFT
  • 4 Tupperware bowls



IN 36
OUT 256



Anonymous said...

You're an inspiration Taph - I'm a bit of a magpie too, but I'm over the clutter.
The first load leaves here tomorrow!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I feel so inadequate next to you. I'm hpoing that I'll have the time to really go through the place next month and clear out the clag.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Loving the "bought with the fantasy of beachside cafes and sportscars at dusk" :-)

TinkingBell said...

Yay you! I've slowed down this week, but will do my usual late week post! (Posting is an irregular activity!)

amanda j said...

Wow, you've got me thinking, that's for sure. You should see my laundry. It doubles as 'under the house' and so is a repository for worlds of crap!!!