Sunday, November 25, 2007

Seven Things Week 12

IN (40)
  • 1 Bessemer fry pan - forgot to include this last week. It was $5 and replaces 2 crappy aluminium pans - one gone a couple of weeks ago and another this week.
  • 8 Patons patterns from Twitchy Fingers. She found them at her Nanna's op-shop. Very good of her. There was really 21 of them, but the duplicates have been passed down-stream already.
  • 25 Patons patterns from eBay. Within the clearly defined collection development plan.
  • 2 black t-shirts from the DJs cardholders' sale. These come closest to being my perfect t-top. Black, cotton, long enough to cover bum and not sit flat across the widest part, modest v-neck, 3/4 length sleeves. I can wear them over jeans or under a work outfit, no problem. 25% off.
  • 1 yoghurt maker - gift from TSS. I only asked to borrow it but she insisted.
  • 1 magazine - also from TSS.
  • 1 pair knitting needles (forgot to include these from last week)
  • 1 bag of spinning fibre. My first Fibre Club delivery from Ewe Give Me the Knits

    OUT (255)
  • 19 balls pink knitting cotton GIFT
  • 1 Shape-o Ball GIFT
  • 4 cooking magazines/books GIFT
  • 4 vintage cr****t hooks GIFT
  • 4 vintage Patons patterns GIFT
  • 1 aluminium fry pan. BIN
  • 151 dolls ADOPTION
  • 37 lots of doll accoutrement - clothes, blankets, furniture etc. GIFT
  • 32 odd knitting needles going to a well-known plastics artist along with most of the needles from the fete last week. We wuz robbed on that one TSS. GIFT


1 beanie

IN 40
OUT 255


It will not be a surprise that after 3 months of this, and with a whopping nett 872 items leaving the house, that I have a little way to go yet. TSS and I will be continuing this personal challenge for the Summer (and I suspect longer).

On the surface we are probably not the best challenge buddies. We unload stuff on each other all the time, but it is welcome stuff that we couldn't leave behind when it suited the other so well. We were doing this before the challenge and will continue to do so. We also act as the Voice of Frugal Reason for each other. We understand the emotional investment in our things, particularly in our collections, and the collections of others over which we have dominion. We encourage and support each other in the evaluation of items and collections, the place they have in our history, hearts and lives. We understand that it takes time and space to let go and that sometimes letting go isn't at all necessary.

To describe this challenge as decluttering is to only understand part of what we've been trying to achieve. A major aim of the challenge was to learn to assess wants versus needs and to be aware of what, how and why we consume.

For me the primary aim is to attempt to overcome the mindset that if I just have enough things, I'll be happy and fulfilled. I want to value and care for the things I have, consume less and be creative with more.

Truths learnt/reinforced so far:
  • I find it extremely difficult to resist a bargain that is perfect for me or someone I know.
  • I am now able to leave the "but it's so cute" stuff behind in op-shops etc. -well, quite often.
  • I no longer buy it just because if fits. You'd have to be a very hard to fit person to truly understand how significant this is. When you are only able to buy clothes as say, 3 shops, and you can still only buy one bra in your size and 1 brand of undies, for example, it has been difficult to not buy something just because it fits because it is so rare to find something that does fit even if the colour is terrible, the cut wrong and the fabric mostly man-made. Also, if it almost fits, even if it's only a couple of dollar, it stays in the shop.
  • I am sufficiently mature to know and be confident in my own taste.
  • I am as addicted to secondhand-shopping as many other people are to retail shopping (dur!)
  • this is not a good thing, but it's not the worst thing in the world either and certainly doesn't have the terrible environmental effect of rampant consumerism
  • I am better able to assess wants as wants than previously
  • I am exploring better and more creative down-stream disposal opportunities
  • Accumulation makes me fleetingly happy, but creation and transformation brings me deep satisfaction and even joy
  • relationships come before things


Janet McKinney said...

Thank you for including me in your "outs" this week. However, time has come for some outs of my own. I am glad it is Christmas time this month, because I have a lot of "outing" planned for that.

That bundle of material did nothing for my decluttering process at all. When we moved into the small unit, I had decluttered a LOT of stuff - and was determined not to build it all up again. DIDN'T WORK. I have to get into some "shake it all abouts" to use up the stash...

I agree with ALL of your truths learned. Most particularly with the buying (or receiving a donation of) something that fits - just because it fits...

With my weight loss (a gastric band - 35 kg this year!!), all of the clothes in my wardrobe at the moment have been given to me from other "bandits" except for about 4 pieces I have bought. I am going through them constantly, throwing away ones that are just too big to wear. Funny thing is, I have never had that problem seriously in my life before. I've even had to discard clothes that were replacements for even bigger clothes!

I have a number of pieces of material I really like, and am waiting for a settling of the weight before making them up.

Enough time on the computer - I have some tidying up to do, or we will never walk around the unit. I finally cleared out the sofa a couple of nights ago so dearest one could sit there and watch TV. Ohhhhhh where am I going to put all these dolls. I am going to have to be very strict with myself and the ones I am allowed to keep.

TinkingBell said...

Yup it's about decluttering and about deeper truths - and I will still be going this time next year (I think) - yet strangely, I enjoy it - I feel lighter with everything that goes to a new home - and yes - the because it fits thing has been the issue with some items in the past - and one doubtful one this week!!, but many of those items (because its a bargain and it fits0 flow through me and onto friends who will use them 0 thanks for involving me in this - I will keep going!

Marg B said...

I so understand the buying it just because it fits situation. My moment of insight came when I realised I was still wearing the same three outfits because they were comfortable and looked good, while the newer, less comfortable and less flattering clothes remained unworn and were just taking up space in the wardrobe.

m1k1 said...

So true!

Melinda said...

Some great insights here.

Georgie said...

Very interesting insights. With the silly season almost upon us, makes me thoughtful in a very timely way.

PJ loves the shape-o, thankyou!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

You are a very wise woman and I am proud to know you!

rooruu said...

Such a wise and thoughtful and balanced post - thank you for sharing. I've been doing some decluttering and have yet more to do - it's so useful to read the insights of others.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

*Raises a weak "hear hear" from the cheap seats*

I have to add that three weeks away makes you realise just how little stuff you really need. Not that it stopped me buying (carefully chosen) goodies while I was away!