Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Who are you and what have you done with my father?

TTWC Jr 2007.122 with parsley garnish

An odd ball of 8ply hidden from Mum because I loved the flecks of red, blue and yellow with the teal. I have a short 4mm circ that's perfect for these little caps but they take longer to knit than the big ones.

Conversation with the parents last night on the phone.

MUM: Hi love, we're in Tamworth. We're going to a woollen mill tomorrow....

TAPH: Nundle?!

MUM: Yes, do you want anything?

TAPH: I'm booting up the steam driven computer - I'll call you back. *clunk of phone hitting cradle*.

5 minutes later

TAPH: Hi Mum, have you got a pen?

MUM: Hang on, you're father has a notebook. Right, fire away.

TAPH: *proceeds with very reasonable order considering the circumstances.*..

MUM: OK, here's your Dad.

DAD: Is that all you want?

TAPH (suspecting sarcasm): Dad, 2 balls of 4 ply and some OPTIM/camel spinning fibre and whatever a fibre cheese is, isn't all that much...

DAD: No, really, would you like more than that?

TAPH: (checking for wax in her ears) Dad, that's what I would like.

DAD (quite serious): It doesn't sound like much. We'll be at the mill at 10am. I'll check at the office before we go in - just leave a message at the mill if you want anything else.

TAPH: Um, ok, thanks (whoever you are).

I don't know who my mother went away with for the weekend, but he does a passable impersonation of my father on the 'phone. I'm demanding DNA testing when they get home; particularly if he brings yarn and fibre.

Or maybe I'm dying and they haven't told me yet and think wool will soften the blow. Do you think the Starlight Foundation would cover a world fibre-hunting trip? Who would I name as stash heir?


Kate said...

Um. I'm at a loss as well! Lap it up and ask for something that he's been non-committal on for ages : ) When this happened with my dad when I was 13 I pressed the advantage and finally got my ears pierced!

Sue H said...

I agree with the prior postee, press the advantage, then send him my way for a while. hehe
P.S. Love the hat and the one in the previous post.

TinkingBell said...

Give hime the list!!! Give him the list!! Whoever he is - don't let him get away un-fibre scarred!!!!! (PS can I be your stash heir?)

Taphophile said...

You lot are really sneaky - would not have occured to me to push the advantage. I can't give him the list, Tink - I'd still have to pay for it. If I'm lucky Mum will make sure a reasonable amount comes home. I will put you on my stash heir list. ;)

kms said...

dont question, just order. just ring now. if you dont i will. i loooooooove that place. i want to LIVE in that mill.

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...


Bells said...

oh that's brilliant. I love it. And I agree 100% with everyone else that you should just take advantage. You may never see moments like this one again!

ps add me to the list.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...


I wouldn't bother with a fibre will just yet...unless you plan on taking up extreme sports.

Once a group of us tried to get a friend to write a will prior to taking a ride in a hot air balloon. She had the operator take a picture of her knitting a sock high above Ottawa. Brings new meaning to the term "Mile High Club".

It's always best to have the DNA test done. Your mum could be sowing some wild oats with a fibre friendly man.

Donna Lee said...

So, your father was suggesting that your fiber order could be larger? Hmm, check the yard for pods....