Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Clayton's Entry

Well the Evil Twin turned 40 to no ill effect (that anyone has yet noticed).

I had a lovely weekend trip to Sydney to stay with friends and attend the final Song Company concert for the year. DIVINE. I got to SING with the SONG COMPANY! (OK, we all got to sing Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer, but I still sang WITH them).

Nice to catch up with Yvonne and Dave in Picton (to collect presents for the Canberra crowd and take books for release), Al and Robyn, Kylie and Sherri (more books to release *sigh*), and Gaye and David of course. David is going to have a go at making me a yarn swift. He's so clever. If he can make me a bed (he did), then a yarn swift should be a doddle. Reckons he can probably knock one up before they come down next week and maybe have a go at a ball winder as well.

Spent the day itself with Mum, op-shopped a little in the morning then took her to her excercise class for lung patients in the afternoon. Dinner with the parents, early night.

Not a huge amount of knitting going on. Started the bands on Rosie's Punishment Jumper and finished the London Baby's jumper (except for the sewing up). Knitted matching hat with hilarious result. I followed the pattern exactly and it's far too tiny. Don't feel the least inclined to re knit it, so the jumper will-do-just-nicely-thank-you-very-much. Will try to finish it tomorrow night, but don't like my chances. I've got 30 or so people coming for lunch on Sunday and must shop for food and clean the house before then. Oh and mow the lawn and get all the washing done by Saturday and get the spare room ready for Gaye and David on Monday and... oh dear, I can feel one of my multi-level lists coming on!

Won some more wool on ebay (natch). 1.5 k Cleckheaton 8ply in a mossy green. Think I'll knit Folly in that and use the other green wool to make Angelina . Jejune, who is the bestest mate a girl could wish for, bought the pattern for my birthday.

I'm going to buy the Filigree Lace Jacket as well in the New Year and use up some of my stash. What with that and a desperate desire to knit socks, I think the priority list is going to have to be rethought.


happyspider said...

so the sock monster has hit you too? i am knitting socks, but the paytonyle is calling me, not to mention some patons dreamtime i have... i have at least 3 pairs of imagination socks going.
i love cleckheaton 8ply!! lucky girl.
hope the swift is succesful, ball winder too, then we can be all happily un-hanked for christmas :)
if you're very good (or more to the point, if i am) you might get a donation of handspun too ;)

Taphophile said...

Ah, the sock monster has been lurking in my stash and nipping at my naked heels for a while now. It is beginning to get quite insistent. I have quite a lot of Patonyle in the stash (vintage stuff I've been hoarding for years), and heaps of odd balls of Bluebell. I reckon if I knit a 4ply pattern in Bluebell they should fit my post broken ankle legs. *Sob* my neat ankles are no more, they are puffy monsters that need to be covered in beautiful handknitted socks and elastic sided boots.

I'm more a Totem girl than a Cleckheaton girl, but at $2 a ball including the postage, I'll betray Patons in a heartbeat! :D

Oooh, handspun *whimper* *drool* *grovel* - I'd just like to touch it, to pet it. Thankyou.