Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My name is Taphophile, and I am an op-shop addict...

I'm REALLY glad I've stopped keeping count of the frequent shopper discount cards our local St Vincent de Paul has given me. It has to be more than 10.

In what was a quite busy day, I did manage to do the bands of the London Baby sleeves (thank goodness for red lights) and buy some more supplies from Vinnies.

4 pairs of needles (1pr brand new bamboo - hooray; 3prs vintage Patons) $4 the lot
2 stitch holders (the ones like big safety pins; not my favourite kind, but they were $1)
2 brand new cable needles, also $1

Another store had some great patterns:

A 1970s sirdar book of suits (quite freaky), and some modern cotton patterns. 20c each!
and, a VERY big cane picnic basket - just perfect for stash management. Not cheap at $25 but I did get my 15% discount and it will hold HEAPS of wool and look quite pretty, too.

Photos when I can borrow a camera.

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