Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Goodmorning Sunshine.

The Quality Control Supervisor woke me at 4am. Not just the roll over and groan kind of awake, but the full on, sit on my bladder, nudge against my head until I'm fully awake, kind of awake. Good-o, 4 hours sleep. I'm sure that dog is part cat.

Anyway, got up. Because it was still too dark to hang out the washing, had a play with the blog. Finally got an OTN section so I can update more readily, and a Coming Attractions section so I can feel the pressure of deadlines dream about what's next. Also took a heap of photos ready to download at work this afternoon. Guess who was so drowsy she forgot the camera? *k* Will also put up a "related projects" section, I guess.

Bought all the bits to make my PVC niddy-noddy this afternoon. Not as cheap as I thought it might be but quicker than waiting for a trip to Sydney to pinch some from David. (Note to self - having mates who are plumbers is good; having them 300k away, not so good). Mimimum PVC tubing buy was 2m ($10.70), and the t-pieces were $6.19 each, so $23.10 all up, with a metre of tubing left over. Now, just have to find the hacksaw.

Had just sat down to dinner when the kids rushed in - Lochie had a bindii in his paw and my surgery skills were required. Man, is that puppy strong. Neither the SIL nor I are light weights and it took the two of us to wrestle him down and extract the little sucker. All better now. Rosie has some sort of infection in her foot so we're off to the vet's tomorrow with her. Hopefully I can squeeze in a visit to a shop or two - the Salvos have a 25% off sale tomorrow.

In knitting news, I nearly got there with the Jacaranda Baby Cardie last night - but got blog distracted, and it's so tedious I was looking for any excuse. As was the DVD borrowed from my SIL. Woody Allen's 'Melinda Melinda' is pretty awful, although Aussie-girl Rahda Mitchell in the lead was interesting. Watched another romantic comedy with Mum after work - now I remember why I don't watch films much - predictable trash. Even the lovely John Cusack couldn't save 'Must Love Dogs' and Christopher Plummer was just embarrasing. Have the 'Corpse Bride' to look forward to tonight, though. Did I mention I was catching up on movies over the break?

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