Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Cheer

All done for another year!

Here's what Christmas morning looked like from the Magical Wishing Chair. Don't look too hard at the front garden - we've just finished the hard landscaping and haven't planted out yet. The scrubby little natives that remain have toughed out 7 years of drought and are staying, as I don't have the heart to do away with them. I'll just put nicer things around them.

As it turned out, the kids loved their little presents and the cash. My brother's Fletcher Jones vouchers were what he ordered, my SIL was pleased (I think) with her scarf and Mum was happy with her requested cotton socks (bought not knitted) and Dad with his VFL history video. The dogs were just happy.

Lunch turned out well and I managed to time the vegies just right this year (let's not talk of the rock hard, barely cooked, potato incident of 2004). Can highly recommend Father Mac's Christmas puddings, too.

Made it home without incident, although Dad and I came close a couple of times. Glad he and Scott will be away for a few days at the cricket. Give us all some breathing space; Mum most of all.

Home by 4.30, fairly whacked. Put "Last Orders" on DVD and took up the challenge of the leg bands on Rosie's Punishment Jumper. Another FO, thank you very much. :)

Rosie's Punishment Jumper

Materials: 1 x 50g pouffy novelty yarn in raspberry; an amount of Crucci angora and lambswool 8 ply in raspberry (bought 20 years ago when I worked at DJs); some cream chenille stuff I got a large cone of at Reverse Garbage years ago. (I REALLY miss living within walking distance of RG)

Equipment: 3.25mm bamboo needles; 4mm bamboo needles; 3.25mm Aero circular needle; 3.25mm Aero steel DPNS.
Pattern: Basic Sweater from Patons "A Dog's Life" book. This is what the basic pattern looks like on a miniature Schnauzer knitted by someone without the sadistic desire to make her dog a laughing stock. The pic of Rosie's jumper doesn't really show the true horror of that vibrant raspberry colour.

The girls are deep in the chest, so Rosie's is a Large chest and a Medium length. As suspected, I didn't have enough of the rasberry angora, so there really aren't enough rounds of the body band, but I'm sure Rosie won't mind.

The cream chenille is quite nasty stuff to knit with. It has no give at all and I'm sure it will run to ladders. The only other thing I've ever knitted with it was an opera scarf for Connor's toy lambie last January. It looked lovely with the jeans I sewed lambie (long story, but naked sheep are a motif, even among the non-knitters of the family) but stretched like buggery.

Going back to knitting the jumper for Kelly the Kelpie now.

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