Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Only 5 more sleeps

until I can spend a WHOLE DAY knitting. Bliss!

The lunch for 30 last Sunday went well. I was completely RS afterwards, but at least there are leftovers - so no cooking this week. My visitors arrived Monday night so the cold meat and salad was fine with left over fruit platter for desert from the morning tea Christmas party for my volunteers and staff that I prepared that morning. All that food preparation on Sat, Sun and Mon gave me a blister on the right pointy finger - ow. I'm glad there are only 8 of us for Christmas lunch.

While I was waiting for my guests to arrive on Monday (two hours late!), I decided to punish myself some more and cast on the Feathers scarf I promised RC. I may have had a couple of glasses of wine when I made that particular decision! At least it goes quickly and she chose a rather nice russet brown and gold colourway so it doesn't much look like I've skun a muppet although there is a passing resemblance to Fozzy Bear. Finished the second ball this lunchtime but it's too short and she's decided to buy another ball when she can remember where she bought it. I have a feeling this will be OTN for some time. If anyone out there has a single ball in this colour way, please LMK.

The yarn she bought for Kelly the Kelpie's winter jumper is lovely, though. It's rich cherry red in a reasonable quality wool, so will be enjoyable to knit with. I'd like to start that soon, so I've got her things out of the way and I can concentrate on Folly and Angelina.

Speaking of punishments, I don't think there is Raspberry Angora left to do the leg bands of Rosie's Punishment Jumper. Something may come to light in the major stash reorganisation.

The visitors left 45 minutes ago. David was shown LOTS of yarn swift pictures and is going away to make me one. Martha, my dressmaker's dummy, was a freecycle find and came sans base. I rescued the base of an old pedestal fan from a dumpster outside work earlier this year and she quite happily rests on it. David's going to make a shaft for the swift to fit this base so I don't have to give precious house room to two large bases. Isn't he clever? Let's just hope he is FAST.

Had meetings out of the office yesterday and managed a quick trip to Vinnies on the way back. You know you're addicted when you give up your lunch hour to op. shop. Scored some wool on knitting machine cones -

* 250g pink 3ply wool (for the baby stash or some dying experiment It's a soft pink, so would look great overdyed or hand painted with cochineal based dyes in varying intensities)
* 120g 2ply navy wool (for Marta's Yarns Rectangular Shawl with Sleeves)
* 300g tweedy brown 8ply (dunno what for - something to give away or practice on)
* 250g olive boucle (for some-undefined-future-project, possibly a shawl )
* 225g ball of natural "greasy" wool by Jumbuk of Barinsdale (a hat for David, maybe. Probably should make him something if he manages to pull off the yarn swift). Looks like a 12 ply.

Of course with all these cones I'm dying to get my hands on a yarn baller. I may have to disappear under my parents' house Christmas morning to find Mum's. I KNOW it's there somewhere.

Also scored a Trent Nathan linen dress. I've got one in black, so I'll know it will fit. Long sleeves, a-line, with very smart drawn thread work. Rather chuffed with it, actually. Will be just right for Christmas day - long sleeves to protect my fair skin and cool enough for the heat.

Wishing you all a stash-enhanced Christmas and an FO New Year!


Jejune said...

You've scored very well on the wool front! And I love that Shawl pattern, almost cob-webby ... but 2ply? My hands hurt just thinking about it :)

Good luck finding that yarn baller under the house. Then I can visit you. And I might bring my skeins of wool, just to show you what they look like... ;)

Nice pic of Fozzy Bear - the original inspriation for feathers yarn!

Taphophile said...

2 ply but on big needles. Should knit up quickly.

Hmm a visit to show me your skeins, huh. Don't suppose you'd like to show me how a wool baller works while you're here?

happyspider said...

i have 10 days off work soon and i would love love love to have a mild snb between christmas and new years.. i know its probably awkward for everyone else, but we could just have a quiet small one with the three (four including jenny) of us? we could have it at my house or someone elses, and we wouldnt have to leave at any fixed time and i can bring my swift and ball winder. we could bring a plate or some such. just a thought.. i'd love to see everyone before january though.
(of course, if we had it at mine i'd love to let everyone play with the spinning wheel...).
congrats with all the great finds :)
Happy Christmas!!!

Taphophile said...

Oooh, Christmas SnB sounds GOOD. Maybe the Thursday or Friday? I'll get in touch with Jejune and we'll work something out.

happyspider said...

yay!!!! i've been trying not to suggest it (because i probably have way fewer responsibilities over christmas and didnt want to rub it in) but your ball-winder cry for help was too much for me! thursday or friday sounds good to me :):)

Taphophile said...

You're a good egg, spidey. It will be fun. I've emailed Jejune and will let you know.

Jejune said...

I think Thursday will work for us - sounds unbelievably delightful :) My son's birthday is on Wednesday, and we have our 'family celebration/Christmas thing' on the 31st (Saturday), so I'd best be home on Friday to cook etc...

I need to double check with DH (Dear Hubby), but should be OK!