Thursday, December 22, 2005

Santa's little known 10th beast of burden ...

the reindonkey. Rosie belongs to a friend in WA. It made me smile.

Just when I thought I was safely able to put the feathers scarf for RC away, in she walks this morning with two new balls! It's easy to knit, right and I'll be doing a Good Thing TM.

Also got Kelly the Kelpie's measurements, so I can start the winter jumper for her right away. Virtuous I tell you!

Now I just have to find and wrap all the Christmas presents. I'm thinking of instituting a new family tradition, cleaning up Aunty Taph's spare bedroom a Christmas present hunt at Aunty Taph's.


happyspider said...

i've been trying for years for a second-hand christmas. my family is ok, but BFGs mum is kinda... thinks she's upper-class. as in, she'd like something from clints if you put it in a DJs bag...
that picture is HILARIOUS, you made me snort tea out my nose (my keyboard may never be the same...)

Taphophile said...

BFG's Mum and my SIL sound like peas from the same pod!

Sorry about the keyboard.

Looks like we could do something on the Thursday, but it will require a little more negotiation.