Friday, December 23, 2005

There ought to be a law...

about actually coming in the library and expecting to do research on the last working day of the year!

Being a nice boss I sent the staff home at 1pm anticipating a quiet afternoon in which to organise my diary, tidy my office etc. But no. A donor arrived with stuff for us and because he didn't have anything else to do, thought he'd stay and talk ALL afternoon. He was there at 1pm when I got back from lunch and left at 4. I also had a very nice woman actually want me to retrieve stuff from stack and assist her with research. I KNOW it's my job, but honestly, I had Things To Do. They'd all gone by 4.45, though, which was nice.

Quick trip to Coles' for the last of Mum's groceries. It wasn't too busy, and the good thing about this time of year is that you can talk to people without them thinking you're completely loopy - you know smile at them and wish them a Merry Christmas without being snarled at.

Managed to find all of the Christmas presents last night and promise I will wrap them tonight before a needle is lifted. No really, I will! Even managed to find Peggy's present from last year (I couldn't find it last Christmas morning. Luckily dogs aren't particularly well versed in Christmas etiquette, so a couple of schmackos hastily wrapped in discarded Christmas paper made her very happy.) All presents to Mum's tomorrow. I'm needed on deck early as we are going to cook the meats tomorrow and Dad's invited people over for morning tea! Just what we need Christmas Eve! How lovely, we get to spread Christmas cheer. :) Will whip up the kid's santa bags as well. Something I've been meaning to do for 363 days.

Very excited about a Christmas SnB with HappySpider, Jejeune and Othlon between Christmas and New Year. We get to play with our presents in the company of People Who Understand. Then it will only be two weeks until our SnB proper. There's a knitting group which meets at the Yamba club on a Thursday night each month. Must find out which night it is and if I can fit it in.

OK, I'm going to wrap presents now, I promise - just a soon as I feed the dog and hang out some washing.


happyspider said...

Yay! christmas SnB! but isnt it the first thursday of the month for the regular one.. hence one week?
hope the morning tea isnt too much of a strain and all goes well. you just reminded me i have nothing for my dog harry! eeep! smackos in paper it is :p
Happy Christmas!!!!

Taphophile said...

Don't expect good maths from me! Besides, I didn't get a chance to work on my diary this afteroon.

Morning tea will be fine, just a load of old blokes expecting to be waited on. *k* I'll try knitting in a sarcastic manner throughout the whole thing.