Sunday, December 18, 2005

FO! London Baby Jumper

At last, a finished object. The London Baby Jumper is all sewn up and ready for despatch.

The colour is glorious and the wool is beautifully soft.

Now, what's next? Socks?

The Cleckheaton 8ply from eBay arrived today - yes, packages on a Sunday! It's a gorgeous green with a rust fleck - kinda tweedy. Yum.

A serious stash reorganisation is fast approaching. My mother gave me a sneak preview of her stash yesterday - I may never need to buy 8ply again! Room must be found. What a terrible dilemma - more wool ;)


happyspider said...

hooray! must have been a day for FOs!
im thinking i need to knit more socks too... but there are some baby booties i ought to do before i distract myself too much... but my addi gummi bear dpn holders arrived this morning and i want to try them! (and the booties are those 2 needle ones from simply knitting).
packages on a sunday is a crazy sort of dream world! seriously, is there anything better than mail (yes, mail containing yarn is the correct answer).
nothing wrong with SABLE status... what if there is suddenly no more yarn to buy? you will be set :)

Taphophile said...

Booties don't take long - you'll finish them in a night then reward yourself by using the dpns. What colour is the gummi bear?

Packages on a Sunday containing wool or books are perfectly acceptable.

SABLE? I'm stocking up for the next downturn in knitting as a fashionable pursuit. There was a time in the 90s when it was VERY difficult to buy yarn.

happyspider said...

omg, im so glad i wasnt an addict then.... though when i started properly in early 2004 there was ALOT of crud around. theres alot more natural fibre available now (but still lots of feathers, alas).
SABLE is a yarn harlot term which stands for Stash Aquisition Beyond Life Expectancy, something which i am certainly striving for.
my dpn protector bears are green :) i was hoping for red because they are so pretty, but green is my favourite colour so im quite content.

Taphophile said...

The 1990s were a knitting desert. Much Wangaratta Woollen Mills product purchased on buying road trips in the 1980s was knitted.

Please don't mention Feathers, two balls of it came home today to be knitted into a scarf for one of my staff. Eeeuuuw.

Green is festive and looks lovely against bamboo (better than red).

I am definitely SABLE+++ :)

Jejune said...

I'm heading towards SABLE, but some ways off... the tendency to buy any wool available (at op shops, anyway), with no end use in mind, is somewhat worrying!

Thank you again for the lovely cardigan for The London Baby - I will be sending a tardy Christmas package ff next week, so it can fit in there. I'm sure my sister (and bub) will LOVE it.

The Knitting Angel strikes again (scraps of tinsel fall through the air, the sound of knitting needles clicking can be heard, as she passes this way....).

Taphophile said...

No worries. As long as it's tinsel and not feathers! ;)