Saturday, December 31, 2005

If I really loved you I'd knit you....two socks

The potential gift post, in which I record patterns I could knit if only I loved you enough. (And a preview of a small selection from the sock stash)

Pomatomus by Cookie A. (3 ply)

Achim's Socks by Marilyn A. Roberts (4 ply)

Travelling Wilbury Socks by Marilyn A. Roberts (4 ply)

Colourful Socks by Shepherd (4 ply)

Lux Sockees from the Brainy Lady's blog (4 ply)

Mirabella (4 ply)

Cut Your Teeth (mitred) Socks by Connie Freeman (4 ply)

Leaf Lace Socks by Celia Ng (4 ply)

Winding Road by Jan (5 ply)

Crusoe by Marilyn A. Roberts (6 ply)

Double Rib (8 ply) by Cleckheaton

Thuja by Bobby Ziegler (8 ply)

Not For Skinny Legs Socks by Sande Francis (8 ply?)

1 comment:

Susan George said...

Thank you for the lovely present of more sock patterns - I cannot get enough. I knitted the French Market Bag earlier this year - visit my blog (I have just started) to see it