Wednesday, December 07, 2005

When is it ok to knit?

Seriously, where is the knitting/no knitting line drawn.

I attended a meeting of a community group last night. Instead of the usual speaker, during which I will knit, no worries, there was a choir performing (Canberra Celtic Choir - quite fun, considering joining, although this may interfere with knitting opportunites). I just couldn't whip out the needles during a performance. Why is it that I can knit during a guest speaker, but not during a performance? I did knit during the business meeting that followed, so the evening was not a complete loss, knitting wise.

It got me to thinking about the boundaries though.

Work -
  • during tea and meal breaks, weekly staff meeting - YES
  • on a service point, in a meeting with the Minister, during annual appraisal - NO
  • interminable teleconferences - that's what they are for, surely. That and emailing staff for hot beverages to be brought in, peferably with one or two of those nice Venetian biscuits I've been hiding behind the out of date herbal teabags.

Driving -

  • at traffic lights and in a prolonged jam - YES
  • at speed in a suburban area, next to a school - PROBABLY NOT
  • across, say, the Nullabor, in a car with good wheel balance and cruise control - TEMPTING

Exercising -

  • swimming - BEST NOT
  • walking - YES, but advanced fairisle and aran may be a bit ambitious
  • jogging - Yeah, right, as if I'd ever jog when I could knit instead.


happyspider said...

hey, i tried it on my exercise bike and spent half an hour frogging the flaming thing after the ball fell and got tangled in the wheel...
but yes, i think you should be able to knit anywhere you have to sit for any period of time. heck, i'm just struggling to justify knitting at all the 21sts i have to go to in the next month... probably a no-no. unless at the end of the night i can present the birthday girl with a little beaded purse or something.
and i dont think its my fault, but noone knows what to say to me when i knit. its their problem, not me being antisocial.. i think

Jejune said...

Well, I'm encouraged that you think you shouldn't knit while swimming, but a bit worried about the 'Probably Not' entries - LOL!

How about knitting while out at dinner at a friend's place, or at a restaurant? That is, while the food is on the table?

Taphophile said...

Um, knitting at the dinner table - no (unless the food was really bad - say nut cutlets or rissoles), after dinner - yep.

I'm going out to dinner tonight but we're usually so squashed at restaurants that there isn't enough elbow room to knit. Hmm, might be a good time to try crochet.

Taphophile said...

Knitting at parties is tough. Perhaps the birthday girls and boys could be convinced to have one big party, thus freeing up all the other Saturday nights for the really important things in life.

I find the opposite problem - if I'm knitting EVERYONE feels they can comment. My favourite is "Are you knitting?" *k*

The exercise bike does present its challenges, granted. What is needed is one of those sweet little ball keeper things.

To my shame I was given one for me and I donated it to a museum. Gorgeous black bakelite with it's original red ribbon handle. Oh, I want to cry...

Jejune said...

Answer to 'Are you knitting?' must be "No, I'm playing with ROPE and SHARP POINTY STICKS."

When I was knitting my Mini Sock at the hospital (waiting for hubby to have a test), I was watched quite closely by other 'waitees'. Later on I chatted with one woman, and explained about the sock, and she said "Oh, I was wondering what you were making..." - turns out she was a knitter too, and had made gloves recently.

I find that most people are quite fascinated by anyone doing something creative with their hands...