Monday, December 05, 2005

Mad Monday no more

The family calls this day of the week "Mad Monday". It stemmed from my mother's part-time job when we were kids. She worked Friday nights, Saturday mornings and all day Monday at David Jones' for many years; picking up more hours during the week as well. So Mum had to be at work at 8.30am, Dad packed off for 8.00am and my brother and I got to school. She worked until 5.30, so the other end of the day was pretty mad as well.

Today was a Mad Monday 2005 style. I over slept (having been up writing my knitting priority list far later than is good for me); Dad called in late to collect Peggy AND wanted a chat (read "lecture"); there were two loads washing on the line that had to come in and several jumpers lying on the tops of clothes airers, having done a mass hand-wash late Sunday, that also had to come in, be folded and stored. Nothing was ironed to wear and my "new" patent leather ankle boots (local Salvos, $10 on Saturday) had to be relaced. Twice.

Consequently I didn't get to work until 9am (my usual time is 8am) and this morning was the morning that the senior managers were making us breakfast. By the time I got to my desk I was 2 hours behind and the day hadn't even started!

Combine all of that with the fact that we are late getting the interpretation up for our latest exhibition and I have to write a script to read about it for 13 minutes on radio tomorrow and Mum needed grocery shopping done this lunchtime, panic was setting in.

I am now, however, quite serene. I am going to count my blessings

  1. Happyspider emailed me a pattern that I admired at SnB the other night,
  2. Jejune bought beautiful things at our local wool shop (the dreaded Stitch 'n' Time)
  3. Received a lovely email from a new BookCrosser.
  4. Bought a copy of Vogue Knitting International at lunch time (Jejune having tipped me off that they were in store)
  5. Managed a sneak peak at VKI over coffee late in the afternoon
  6. Mum had a big bag of cherries for me courtesy of Uncle Johnny when I delivered her groceries
  7. Found a reasonable tasting soy cheese in the supermarket and had ham and "cheese" croissants for lunch (croissants left over from Senior Managers' breakfast)
  8. The first issue of Yarn arrived
  9. My copy of "Great Big Knits" (1992) by Dawn French and Sylvie Soudan ordered off Abebooks from England arrived and it's in mint condition.
  10. Nearly finished the front and back of the London Baby jumper.
  11. Won 3 larger sizes editions of Sandra on eBay.
  12. I'm about to turn of the computer and spend a quiet night in (unexpectedly as the function I was meant to attend was postponed).
  13. I'd only intended to do 10 blessings and I made it to 12, no 13, no 12. Oh bugger it, I'm going to knit and eat cherries now.


happyspider said...

ooh cant wait to see the new VKI!! got creative knitting in the mail today, and there are some nice patterns in there too. except for these totally ridiculous crocheted 'sandals' with no sole...
oh and the evil yarn company is 'A touch of fur'. not likely we'll get it here, but lets boycott in spirit.
better 13 blessings than none :)

Taphophile said...

New VK is delicious. There's this fantastic cabled collar...

Crocheted sandals? - so a couple of pieces of string to decorate feet?

I can, hand on my heart, say I will never buy yarn from "A touch of fur" and will discourage anyone from buying from them.

The new Yarn mag is good. Very good article on hand painting wool using jelly crystals or food dyes and a whole article on op-shopping. *sigh* - more competition in the op-shops.

Jejune said...

The beach 'sandals' are a *bit* silly. I wish more of the Creative Knitting patterns actually suited me - they seem very much aimed at sweet young things... still, nice to look and plan ; Othlon is taken with the Ribbed Zip Top on pg 17 - I like the way the corners are turned up to make pockets.

Where is the evil "Touch of Fur" company? I've looked through three times without seeing it... doing mental here (well, MORE mental).

The Vogue Knitting is amazing, but I have similar problems with finding patterns that will actually fit me.. they seem to be designed for slender and tall beings. Sigh.

Taphophile said...

The "Touch of Fur" was in one of happyspider's mags. It's real fur and skin - the made it into god-awful stuff and the creators should be shot and their hides tanned for decent beach sandals.

I'm resigned to the fact that I paid $13 for the cabled/faggotted collar recipe from VK. *SIGH*