Sunday, June 17, 2007

7 Things Week 1

This will be the easiest week for 7 things because we all have half a dozen or so things just waiting to be turfed or rehoused.

  • 1 little green painted terracotta bowl bought at an op-shop not long after I moved into this house. I like it because it is little and round and depicts a little round person and it was only $2. It's time for someone else to love it, though. SALVOS

  • 1 covered mug, a gift a few years ago which I don't like drinking from and has been housing paper clips and other detritus. I appreciated it as a gift, but it's time for it to go. SALVOS

  • 104 books through BookCrossing

  • 18 stuffed toys to my favourite dog breeder. I'm not sure these count as I buy them specifically for her, but some of them have been here a while. GIFT

  • 2 liquer glasses. Not my favourites and I already have a very nice set of six, plus two etched glass ones. These are definitely excess to requirement. Going to a friend who is setting up house. GIFT

  • 2 fancy metal cases. The silver one in a heart-shape, the gold one in an angel-shape. I very much enjoyed the chocolates that came in them the last two Christmases. SALVOS

  • 1 round glass box. It was a gift to my mother. She didn't want it so gave it to me to get rid of. That was some time ago - it's time for someone else to enjoy it. SALVOS

  • 1 telephone. I bought a new phone last January and we took the battery and transformer from this one to fix Mum and Dad's. SALVOS

  • 12 plastic containers with lids. Brand new but excess to requirement. I bought them to freeze the dog food in but they are too small and I lost the receipt. They are going to a friend setting up house. GIFT

  • 1 carved timber what-not. I bought it at the Salvos a year or so ago to put beside the spinning wheel. It is unnecessary clutter in the house. GIFT

  • 1 wooden bedside table picked up outside my block of flats in Marrickville many years ago. The drawer handle is original bakelite. The door handle was missing when it was rescued so I replaced with a little wooden knob from Bunnings. None of you will believe me, but this used to contain my boodle. Needles went in the drawer on top and yarn in the bottom cupboard. The boodle is obviously never going to fit in here again, and I have two perfectly lovely bedside tables. GIFT

  • 8 glasses - 4 red wine, 4 white wine bought at a homewares store in Mosman about 15 years ago. Used very rarely and they hold half a bottle each. GIFT

  • 1 Bodum coffee plunger. I have a rule when op-shopping to always buy Bodum plungers when I see them because it's cheaper than replacing the glass flask when they smash, as invariably they do, in the washing up. I've not smashed a plunger in a while, but I have accumulated a couple of extras. This one can go to a better home. GIFT

OUT this week 153 items.

IN this week 3 books and 1 magazine



Jejune said...

Wow, you've done well and truly more than seven things, especially the 104 BookCrossing books! I need to get more books moving off my BookCrossing shelves too...

Glad you've made such progress :)

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Impressive - you've covered your "7 things" for almost 6 months in one foul swoop!

Kate said...

Good gravey - what have you left to get rid of for next week?

Yes, the panda, known simply as Teddy, is my own original bear. He's very much the worse for wear and bravely carries the scars of too much loving, my cousin's spaniel's teeth and general wear and tear. Looking at him makes me realise that I'm wearing better than he is! Philip has a hand-knitted golliwog that's just too cute : ) I guess I should probably knit a bear for the little one but I'm also aware of how frequently it'll need to be washed and I'm not so sure about the sturdiness of my crafting!

Jejune said...

And I refuse to believe that your stash EVER fitted in that one small cabinet - unless it's either not shown to scale (perhaps it's really 8 feet tall?), or is a Tardis Cupboard.

2paw said...

Oh I am so jealous of your tidying purge!! Well done.

mel said...

I live in St Peters (the one near Marrickville) and love the fact that I can street recycle. As you point out, you pick it up, use for as long as you need it and if you so choose, put it out again for someone else to take. There is nothing that I have put out that hasn't been picked up. I have also found heaps of retro furniture for my place too. (Think Marcia from the Brady Bunch's pink faux fur dressing table chair with the iron curliques on the back).

amanda j said...

Goodness, you have really grabbed this by the horns! Good on you!

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Im doing the same thing only its straight to the tip
Woo hoo,spring clearing time! Just fitting the new kitchen has shown what was hidden in those dark old recesses,lots yucky.....