Saturday, June 09, 2007

Three or four more

World Wide Knit in Public Day is almost over. I couldn't attend the planned picnic, but you can read all about it over at The Shopping Sherpa. I did my usual Saturday morning KIP - knitting a TTWC in the queue at the supermarket getting Mum's groceries.

In celebration of the day, I altered my usual reply when questioned from "I'm not waiting in this endless bloody queue, I just have bonus knitting time" to "I'm celebrating World Wide Knit in Public Day". To be honest, most people are equally mystified by both answers.

I did notice several hand-knit jumpers and cardies out and about today and all of them were red. It was definitely jumper weather, the wind was particularly sharp. Not as bad here as in the Hunter. And we've had no rain to speak of.

TTWC 2007.53-56 (forgot to photograph no. 56 and took a consignment of hats and wristwarmers to Stasia today)

To explain how I get so many hats knitted - I don't have time to knit much else. These are easy and portable and my constant companions.

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Kate said...

I had good intentions for KIP but spent most of the day curled up indoors! I'm loving the patterns you're working into the TTWCs. I also like your numbering system - shades of the version control arguments I've been having with a committee over a document we're all working on!