Thursday, June 28, 2007


TTWC 2007.65

More purple Katia, this time with ancient Paton's Ariel, a surpisingly harsh 80% wool, 20% rayon but not as chunky as the Villawool Aztec, which made this much easier to knit. Still a large hat on 5.5mm needles. There's enough for another one of these.

Sorry, but I don't know what the Jet colourway is. I've disposed of the ball band. It's so gorgeous though. I does look a lot like cat yak in the ball, but lovely in the knit. The rain has been gorgeous and the good snow falls in the mountains bode well for spring, too.

It is four weeks until I go away and last night was spent combing mags and pattern books for a suitable project. (Sweet Lord, another 4 weeks of cook from the cupboard.)

The spinning wheel is ready to go. All of the prepared fibre stash is in a carboard box, and so is the niddy-noddy. Just have to check number of bobbins and choose a lazy kate but I need to select knitting project/s. It was going to be socks and lace, but 5 weeks away is a good chance to start and complete a garment to keep . Shocking, I know. I want a cardigan with a drapey front of some kind and a single closure. All the patterns will need to be altered for width and/or length; some more than others. This is one of the many reasons I rarely knit garments to keep. This process is far from over.


BREKKIE: Toast and raspberry jam; cold boiled egg. I blame the egg on the SnB discussion about the virtues of the boiled egg as a snack. I checked the use-by on the 4 eggs Mum left and decided they should be used immediately. Coffee.


LUNCH: 2 boiled eggs, an orange, slice of tea cake from staff celebration

DINNER: The last of the curry and rice. A beer. It was meant to be pizza and red wine at an industry function but events conspired against me and I couldn't make it.

SUPPER: Chocolate will figure high on the list of options.

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2paw said...

I don't think I could eat a cold boiled egg for breakfast!! I like poached or scrambled or soft boiled with soldiers!! I agree about the knitting a whole garment. I ahve 2 that I must unravel and reknit. :-(
Very cute big hat by the way!!!