Friday, June 08, 2007

Shake your boodle

So I took two shopping bags of unravelled, washed and skeined jumpers - about 4 jumpers worth - and the little yarn swift up to Mum yesterday. She's had my ball winder for nearly a month now because she hates floppy balls. Most of the wool is just beautiful and has responded well to the washing. She's decided that it's too good and in too big a quantity to knit into wristwarmers and I should be re-making jumpers from it.

TAPH (through gritted teeth): OK, fine, but this is the only spare 8ply I have.

MUM: Well I've worked out the sizing for knitting them with 5 ply.

TAPH (internally): My Bluebell, she's after my vintage Bluebell!

TAPH (out loud): Sure, Mum, that's what stash if for.

And of course this is what stash if for. It is fantastic that she's knitting again and she's getting so much pleasure from it.

I am, however, trialling a new word for the stash. After spending a good deal of time playing with Etymology Online that Rooruu posted about, I've fallen in love with boodle meaning "lot or collection" from the Dutch for property, boedel. It's the word from which we get the phrase "kit and caboodle".


Bells said...

Yes!!! I love it!

This is my boodle.

Let's start using it at once!

Anonymous said...

Well, I have lots of bluebell 5ply in my boodle if you want it? Bright colours, but it's yours for nada if it'll help save your boodle.

(I love it!)

2paw said...

Shake your Boodle!!Yes, Wee Jock is an occasional part of our pack!! He only has one eye, so he's kind of a pirate Westie!! Good work on the teeth gritting!!

chocolatetrudi said...

Lol! Changed to 'knit and car-boodle' it would sum up pretty well my beau and I's hobbies.

Jejune said...

Boodle is a great word :D

I hope you can hide some of your 5 ply boodle from your mum, but also feed her habit. It is great that she's knitting again and enjoying it.

Donna Lee said...

I love that word! Although if you say it often is sounds funny(er). Boodle,boodle,boodle,boodle.