Sunday, June 24, 2007

Can't Contain Myself

TTWC 2007.61
Firstly, the dogs are fine, even that jumper-losing little bastard, Lochie. Thank you all for your healing thoughts.


I have no idea where today went, but an inordinate amount of time playing with the sidebar on this blog prevented me from actually eating. I also got some news from Mum which will affect this challenge.

She forgot to tell me there was food in her fridge but could I please use it, and also could I get rid of the stuff in the upright freezer because it needs defrosting before I go north in a month. Checking this afternoon I found 3/4 pumpkin, mushrooms, a reasonable amount of sweet potato, 1/4 cauliflower (I have absolutely no idea how this can be - I'm sure I cooked the last of the cauli before they left!), 5 carrots, 2 half loaves of bread, 4 eggs and some stewed rhubarb. And that's just the fridge.

I can now attest to the efficacy of those green vegie bags. The cauliflower was firm and unmarked and the carrots crisp and juicy.

The cauli, 2/3 of the remaining pumpkin, the sweet potato and some silverbeet from the garden have gone into the curry pot. Pretty much the same as last week's with the addition of sweet potato and silverbeet. Wanna peek?

It should be ready in about 20 minutes and feed me for the rest of the week. No, it doesn't freeze well.

Her freezer is chokka with packets of meat and some stewed fruit. There is little chance of me eating my way through that in 4 weeks. You may have noticed I don't eat a lot of meat.

7 THINGS Week 2

So we knew this would be a more difficult week in terms of both stuff and motivation.

  • 10 magazines. Old ones purchased cheaply from op-shops and deaccessioned from work. I've worked hard to cull these as they needed to be read from cover to cover first. The things I do for the sake of decluttering ;). I used to be very badly addicted to magazines. Then I got a mortgage. Now I let myself borrow them from the library or buy them for no more than 50c each. Sometimes I lapse and knitting mags don't count. SALVOS (and they don't even need to reprice most of them)

  • 1 metal travel mug. I rescued this recently from a box of archival records donated to work. It was crusty with old coffee foam and came stuffed with a hamburger wrapper. Many washings later and I've used it once. I already have one each of Tupperware and Starbuks commuter mugs, and don't need another. SALVOS
  • 7 books through BookCrossing. Not so many this week - it's actually a reasonable amount of work to register, process, write release notes and actually release these books. Most of last week's were already registered and processed. BOOKCROSSING
  • 4 old takeaway food containers plus 3 extra lids. I try and re-use these containers at least once before disposing of them. These have been used for the dog food at least once. RECYCLING BIN
  • 1 navy and white summer jacket with a seashell print. A refugee from the early 90s which hasn't been worn in a few years and which I resurrected last summer when the "nautical" theme was briefly in - well it was in the shops I can buy from. It's polyester and although it fits well, I just don't like it anymore. SALVOS
  • 1 navy and white striped cotton jumper (see vintage and comments above). Also, my boobs have "moved" since last this was fashionable. Instead of a nice straight stripe, there is a kind of warping effect. Not a good look. SALVOS
  • 4 VHS tapes. All purchased cheaply at op-shops and now returning for resale. Again, most don't need to be repriced. SALVOS

OUT: 28 things


  • 1 black and white shirt for work - shut up. I don't need it, but do you know how hard it is to get clothes for me in op-shops and it was Smith Family closing down sale $2.50.
  • Also at Smith Family closing down sale (my heart is breaking), 1 25g ball pale blue Cleckheaton Merino Bambino and 1 25g ball old Patonyle (25c each).
  • At the Salvos I picked up a really cute magnetised chalkboard in the shape of a Scottish Terrier with it's own eraser tied on. It's on the fridge ($1.50).
  • 1 hand-knitted dog jumper - a present for Peggy from her breeder as a thank-you for the puppy toys from last week's cull. At least I won't have to worry about knitting her a spare this year.

IN 5 things


So now you get to help me out for next week. This afternoon I cleared out the Tupperware cupboard. Yes, I have a whole cupboard for Tupperware, wanna make something of it?*

Anyway, here are pictures of containers I no longer require. They are up for grabs. If you can collect them this week, let me know. I will be at SnB at the Southern Cross Club on Tuesday if that helps. Leave a comment or email me (the address is in the sidebar).

Several items of ancient Tupperware and some Tupperware wannabes.

The little red container is cardboard and would be good for short dpns or cr****t hooks. The others are metal.

*coincidentally (or maybe not, maybe the universe wants me to be broke and over-run with clutter), exactly 1 hour and 20 minutes after I'd taken the container photos, the Tupperware Rep I had at my SnB Tupperware Party last year, rang to see if I'd like to host another party. The reply was an emphatic and ever so slightly freaked out, "NO". I did agree to letting her drop off the latest brochure, though. If anyone wants one, LMK. *sigh*


Georgie said...

I am twitching to type "yes, I'd love them"....but I already have a very full dedicated plasticware cupboard (how on earth does one survive without one?) so I'm being very good and passing, thanks Taph.

I am applauding your bravery in parting with them though!

Very glad the kids are all fine. And the new sidebar is looking great.

Anonymous said...

Geez Taph you're going great guns! I think you're especially brave giving up some of your Tupperware.
Can't believe all the Oppies that are closing down up there, you'll have to head down here for a fix, I'll take you on a tour!
Stay warm :-)

Bells said...

you're an inspiration Taph. I have been promising to attack my own plastics cupboard for months. I think it's breeding. Ugh.

Your comment about the warped stripes had me chuckling.

Oh and I too will decline the cast off tupperware. Like i said, mine is breeding.

Jejune said...

Well done Tap, lots more out than in - and I'm SO relieved the dogs are OK!!

I'll put my hand up for the jelly mould, actually - I think my teens would enjoy using it :) I'll be at Woden SnB this week.

ferg said...

Well first of all, that looks a hell of a lot better than the "cabbage diet soup" that filled our saucepans last year, secondly, I wish I was just an ozzie postage stamp away.
Those plastic things that over-run your cupboards are the sorts of things that you leave behind when you do a hemisphere removal and when you get to England you find that they are horribly expensive to replace.
I'm doing some knitting and cooking and am glad to see that you are too. If the "Op Shops" are closing down in Oz, save up and visit me in England. I can design a tour for you. In fact I think that I would like it greatly.
Cheers Gillian
p.s. I am nowhere near London

Kate said...

"OMG," she breathed. "Taph has Tupperware to give away." She then sadly contemplated the commute and thenrelinquished the Tupperware enhancement opportunity.

LOVE the look of that curry!