Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm working on the matinee jacket pattern. I need to resize it for newborn and 6-12 month sizes, then I'll stick it up on the blog. Promise. It'll be a week or two because I've got a slip stitch pattern requests to work out as well.

The WIP basket is shrinking, which is a Good Thing TM. The aim is to have as many of the WIPs done or reclaimed by the time I go away at the end of July. Wish me luck.

On Tuesday Mum informed me she thought she might not have taken quite enough wool away with her. Apparently the plan to take "her" entire stash was foiled by Dad at the last minute and he'd only pack two large shopping bags full. She's made 10 pairs of wristwarmers in the first 5 days. Good news, though. On Wednesday she found a $2 shop that sells yarn. She's found an acrylic she reckons is better than most and will do until I arrive in a 6 weeks' time with reinforcements. I don't care if it's acrylic if she's buying it herself!

Cook from the Cupboard continues but reading my daily food intake must be about as interesting as I find food preparation to be. I did play freezer roulette again yesterday and found a curried split pea soup with mint (by the taste of it), which wasn't at all bad - pity I have no memory of cooking it or where I got the recipe from. Tomorrow should see the last of the curry made on Saturday.


Bells said...

your mum is knitting like a madwoman....hmm, maybe she needs a blog. I can see it now, 'The Knitting Madwoman.' he he

You're doing great with the cooking from the cupboard thing. I too have been pulling things out of the freezer I have no memory of cooking. Identification problems have been fixed though. I just bought some freezer labels!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Do I label myself a saddo by saying I find it anthropoligically interesting to see what other people are eating?

kms said...

hmm ok i will be patient re the jacket pattern. the baby is due in august and will be a newborn for awhile yet, so i have pants to knit to go with the other jacket before i start on bigger things anyway. they really are gorgeous, i cant believe how productive you are!

Jejune said...

Very keen to see your matinee jacket pattern, there are several babies about to make an appearance!

Glad your WIP basket is shrinking - it's always nice to finish stuff, isn't it :)

Kate said...

Well, if the TSS is sad, I am too! Mind you, I like it as a source of "what will I cook tonight" inspiration : )