Wednesday, June 27, 2007


TTWC 2007.64
Patons Jet donated by Georgie, knitted on a 5mm needle. I badly needed a dose of softness and colour and the Jet with alpaca in a varigated colourway fitted the bill. Thanks, George, it was joy to knit. I'm keeping the rest to knit when I need another special treat.

A visit to Vinnies Belconnen was squeezed in after a meeting on the other side of town today. The yarn bins showed that TSS and I have been pretty restrained of late - they were full to overflowing.

I brought home a good selection of 12 ply for the Time Thief Watch Caps and some 8ply for Mum. I declined to pay $4 a ball for black Totem (there were 6 balls). Also had interest from a couple of customers in a Belconnen SnB. Can't remember where the thinking is up to on that one.

Fantastic news, though. I was talking to a client in Collector this afternoon and he was describing sheets of water lying on the ground and told me they were sandbagging the Linwood Cafe against flooding. He was ecstatic.


Brekkie: Porridge with stewed rhubarb, coffee

Morning tea: Tea and a bikkie at the meeting

Lunch: op-shopping and an orange

Afternoon tea: coffee

Dinner: Not a moment too soon. It will be left over curry and rice followed by an orange.


Bells said...

Taph, the Belconnen SnB is up to me having said a while ago that I would post to the list and see who was interested. Leave it with me.

Great hat!

ferg said...

Water on the ground. That's really great.A bit too much on the ground hereabouts but badly needed where you are. Hope you get lots more.
Cheers Gillian

Jejune said...

Oh I love that Jet - which colourway is it? So nice to have a bright and soft thing to knit!

Kate said...

What is it about Jet that it's completely unappealing in the ball but dreamy knitted up? Dunno, but I really love this cap!

Georgie said...

It is indeed lovely to knit, isnt it?

Sounds like the Belconnen Vinnies is good for a visit before the end of the month and end of fiscal fasts!

We do live in interesting times when you can be estatic about sandbagging!