Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hat Head

Time Thief Watch Caps 2007.51-52

I am knitting other things, too, but these are the only FOs to show.

This slip stitch pattern is not my favourite but it won the very scientific tea-room poll conducted over the last couple of weeks. Most people really like the regularity of it and it's very simple, so I'm going with it until the contrast colours run out.

These are in the last of the vintage black Patons Jet. The smooth but springy crepe construction was just gorgeous to knit with. I squeezed 4 hats out of 6 balls by adding the high contrast yarns through the straight stocking stitch section. Also, it uses up the odds and ends in the 12ply box. For this week's TTWCs I've loaded up 5 needles with a dark teal green Patons Fireside. It's lovely to knit with and the colour is gorgeous although I'm a bit more limited with contrast colours than with the black.

Mum has been dissuaded from sock knitting for a little while, but I'll take a couple of balls of pretty self-patterning yarn,and the pattern to fit my foot ;), away with us in July just in case. She has, however, almost completely knitted through my 8-ply stash. I'm about to unravel a few more op-shop jumpers for her.


Bells said...

those slip stitch hats are fantastic Taph. I really like them alot!

And your mum has worked through your 8ply stash? That's amazing, because I don't imagine it was a small amount....

Jejune said...

The caps look just great, Taph - I'd have to add my vote to the tea-room poll :)

I'm astonished - your mum has knit ALL your 8 ply stash? A super human feat! I didn't think it was possible.... I hope you have your favourite 8 ply squirreled away out of reach!