Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday's child is full of woe

TTWC 2007.62
"I don't believe it", she said, channelling Victor Meldrew. The Salvos store at Kippax is closing this Friday.

TSS should never go on a fiscal fast and tempt me to her moderate ways again if this is the result! That's 3 op-shops closed in a month. Coincidence that it is the same month The Not Shopping Sherpa is born? I think not!

I may just have to take up Mandie's and Gillian's offers to visit them. Tongala has the advantage of closeness and I could buy more stuff because it could easily be transported but England has the advantage of containing no near relatives. What a choice?


BREKKIE: Porridge with stewed rhubarb - it's a taste sensation. In a bit of a rush, so no coffee this morning. Fully found workshop all day at a well-funded institution, so I grabbed a cup of decent plunger coffee before we began.

MORNING TEA: Excellent plunger coffee and a slice of very rich fudge brownie with nuts. There was also shortbread with pistachios and ANZAC biscuits and it was tempting to slip a couple into my handbag. I didn't.

LUNCH: Selection of gourmet style sandwiches. Fruit - pineapple, honeydew melon, rockmelon, strawberries and kiwi fruit. Glass of orange juice. Coffee.

DINNER: Vegetable curry and rice. Orange.


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Never liked that one much anyway...

(That's me trying to make myself feel better and in a panic that there's still 5 days to go and maybe all the other op shops will be closed by Sunday!)

Terribly jealous of both the rhubarb for brekkie and the sumptuous lunch :-/

Georgie said...

Hmmm, yes, certainly more than mere coincidence, methinks.

I love ruhbarb season, can't say the same for porridge though!