Monday, June 11, 2007

Cook from the Cupboard

The clean up continues. I won't be finished today, but most of the major work has been done. It has, however, shown me (again) just what a pack-rat I am.

Mum is rapidly going through my boodle - this is a Good Thing TM. Now to make some headway on the other types of stashes Chez Taph.

TSS is on a Fiscal Fast for June. I was tempted to join her, but restrictive diets, including fiscal ones, are very, very bad for me. Years of yo-yo dieting (I started at age 5), have obviously done nothing good and I've been fighting the pattern for several years now.

What I will do, though, is Cook from the Cupboard from today until 26 July which are weird dates, but needs must.

GOAL: Try to overcome my stockpile mentality.

  • Allowed to buy fresh fruit, veg and meat, milk, margarine, toilet paper and tampons when current stocks run out.
  • Not allowed to buy processed or convenience foods or convenience groceries.
  • each non-food purchase will be evaluated in terms of need versus want as well as environmental effect.
  • I can still go out, just not indulge in convenience foods. So I can go to the movies but must take my drink with me, for example.
Two get out of gaol free cards for dinners out before the Woden SnB and I can buy a drink at Starbucks during SnB.

I will be buying my brother's birthday present. I also need a new pair of sneakers (to be bought with my Christmas and birthday money - yes, I've saved it since last December), and a couple of bras.

This shouldn't be too hard. I have a reasonable amount of wine and spirits in the house and enough curry paste and rice to make a survivalist proud. Running out of coconut milk may prove problematic, though.

Hmm, while I'm at it - maybe I should try the Seven Things.

I'll try the seven things for the same period as Cook from the Cuboard and I'll list the things I've got rid of each Sunday. Of course, getting rid of food out of the cupboard and down my gullet does not count.


Bells said...

Taph this is too freaky. Just last week Sean and I were looking at our pantry thinking, god we could really use a 'cook from your pantry' period, much like a 'knit from your stash' period. And now here you are suggesting it!

I tend to not have an abundance of convenience foods - it's more about an abundance of packaged foods like beans, lentils, condiments, a zillion kinds of rices, numerous pasta shapes in multiples of 3 - you name it.

I'm in. I'm joining you. Let the fun begin!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Errr... isn't margarine processed?

Good to habe you on board though :-)

Jejune said...

Good luck with it all Taph!

While not following the 'cook from your pantry' thing too closely, I am trying to use up some of the hoarded food in my fridge, freezer, and pantry. There's only so much I can subject my family to (especially the Fussy Son).

The Seven Things is a great idea too.. it's so nice after de-cluttering :)

Georgie said...

I am a genetically programmed hoarder too and my pantry could get a small village through a nuclear holoucost. Lets not even get started on the freezers. I soooo wish I could join you, but I think I would be twitching heap in the pasta aisle in the supermarket after about a week.

Best of luck though, I'm with you in spirit!