Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nature vs Nurture

You will recall that my father is particularly clueless about the extent of the knitting obsession of his two nearest female relatives.

His son, my baby brother, sat between Mum and I last night. Mum was knitting a wristwarmer and I a TTWC. He turned to our mother and said, "You know, I think what the homeless really need are warm hats - why don't you knit some of those?"

I did not stab him with the 4.5mm circ that has been my companion at all family gatherings for the last two years, but only because it was his birthday party.

Is it a Y chromosome thing, or just a Taph family bloke thing? I fear it is the latter. Probably just as well I'm childless.

He certainly doesn't deserve the shirts I bought him today. The DJ's cardholders' special sale preview night reinforced some previously held knowledge.

* they never put the hard to get sizes on sale (3 shirts in his size, none of them on sale - spent $85.40 but that's his birthday present and a shirt put aside for Christmas)
* I find it very difficult to resist lipsticks and hosiery on special (I did resist but only by hurrying over to women's accessories where I frantically knitted a TTWC and openly scorned the chunky knit acrylic beanie being flogged off with the reduced price of $41.95.)
* I can be prudent as shown by the decision to not test my resolve by venturing anywhere near the manchester department.

Sale started at 5pm, I was at the parents' house by 5.20pm with 3 shirts (I bought one on Mum's behalf as well) and the challenge pretty much intact. It was a close run thing with the lipsticks, though.


BREKKIE: Porridge with craisins, coffee.

LUNCH: 1.5 toasted soy-cheese sandwiches and one chocolate biscuit (someone brought them into the tea room and it would be churlish to refuse such a generous gift).

AFTERNOON TEA: Coffee, another chocolate biscuit. Yum, a Choc Monte.

APPERITIF: 3 Jatz with soy cheese and a glass of cask white.

DINNER: Leftovers and veg with the parents and a couple of glasses of a decent white wine also leftovers from last night.

SUPPER: Small pot of tea.

SPENT: Gifts $85.40


Bells said...

i find it hard to resist lipstick on sale too. On par with yarn on sale.

You did very well with the store cupboard thing. Sean is away so I indulged tonight. oops

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I have no problems with lipstick as I only wear Mac, which isn't available in Canberra.

I used to wear Viva Glam (all proceeds go towards Aids research) but they changed the formula and the name to "Viva Glam 1" which is so not the same.

Luckily I had the requisite 6 empties saved up and used them to get a free tube of "Dubonnet" lipstick which does for everyday so now I only wear the remaining Viva Glam on very (very) special occassions...

Jejune said...

What I want to know is this - is your dad really that oblivious that he doesn't notice or realise what you are knitting, or is he saying that to get a rise out of you (ie he does know, but is feigning stupidity)?

Good going on the pantry meals! I love craisins, very more-ish :)

Donna Lee said...

I think it is a Y chromosome thing because my husband keeps making comments about "interventions" and "cult-like behavior". Of course, those words could be applied to his love of computers and all things electronic.

Ceri Davies said...

Yayyy Taph
I'd love to do it - I thoguht the hoard thing was just me - I generally have christmas shopping done by September (all those stocktake sales) My pantry is FUUUUULLLL of stuff (in case Tasmania gets cut off or there's a nuclear winter) You can no longer walk in to our walk in linen cupboard because it's full of wool - a fact my husband unfortunately noticed the other day - until then he was oblivious to my wool hoarding habits - sheep may go bald tomorrow - I buy my children clothes for next year (and sometimes the year after) in end of season sales and op shops - I also find it hard to resist lipstick on sale despite the fact as a nonpaid working person (stay at home mum) I hardly ever wear makeup anymore! I admire your resolve and restraint!!