Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The pattern for the cowl came from my head. I just cast on 90 stitches, did the moebius thing and went for it, which is how I got half and half instead of garter - must learn to think before I knit.

I get twitchy about not having enough in the house, too, but then I buy stuff and it sits in the cupboard not being used. It's sensible to have standbys and to buy in bulk/on special and I will continue to do so - I've just got to actually use some of the stuff before I buy more.

Thanks for the offer of the grinder, Jejune. Mine works fine and I'll keep using it. As TSS said, the universe might send me a hand grinder and then I'll get a work out instead of using electricity.



BREKKIE: Porridge with craisins and coffee.

LUNCH: Time to play deep freeze roulette. The rules of the game are simple - oversleep because it's frosty AND foggy, spend too long reading blogs AND have to wash and dry your hair AND get the dog up the road to doggy day-care. Then when you are well and truly late for work, open the deep freeze and grab the first Tupperware container you see.

Bingo! Homemade pumpkin soup which I had with toast soldiers.

There was a single Tim Tam left over from yesterday's packet of bikkies so a colleague and I split it.


DINNER: The parents leave for warmer climes tomorrow, so I played the companion game to freezer roulette - veggie crisper excavation and left over protein surprise. We had a combination of chicken and the last of the pork in a honey soy sauce with a lot of frozen peas, a scraping of carrot and suggestion of cauliflower with boiled potatoes. The wine was pretty good, though.

SUPPER: Tea and a raisin bagel, toasted. Later, still hungry so I grabbed an orange.

There's a guy at the Woden Farmers' Market who makes divine bagels. The walnut are the best, followed by the raisin ones. They used to be 6 for $5 but last time I bought them they were up to $5.50. Still yummy, still worth it, and I've only got 4 left in the freezer.

TOTAL SPENT: Gifts $85.40


Bells said...

I'm sending SEan to buy those bagels in his lunch hour when he gets back. Love a good bagel!

I love your excavation work, Taph. A suggestion of cauliflower. *giggle*

I get anxious about having too much too, hence my desire to cook a lot of lentils and pasta in the next fortnight. Hmmm....there must be a way to make that sound inviting???

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I have an excellent lentil and spinach soup recipe, Bells, and am happy to send it your way.

I've decided I "need" an Easiyo maker so I can have a bash at making my own yoghurt. Do you think The Universe would mind if we added that to the list?

Jejune said...

I was having dreams about your cowl pattern, Taph - am I going nuts or is this just the next step in my obsession? ;)

TSS, don't buy a yoghurt maker, you can do it yourself in your oven and with a few large glass jars. Try this recipe - I've had good success with it. One trick is to make sure you leave the yoghurt to sit in the fridge for another 8-10 hours after it's come out of the oven.

This site has lots of photos and instructions too - but you don't have to have a gas oven as she claims.

Olivia said...

I am a broccoli woman at heart and when it comes to cauliflower, 'a suggestion' is quite enough.

Though I did buy one this week as I have been thinking about some sort of cauliflower and chick pea curry. Mmmm, warming.

These 'use what you have' efforts are very inspiring.

Taphophile said...

I prefer broccoli, too, Olivia, but cauliflower was all the fridge gave up. I do a curry with cauli, chick peas, pumpkin and spinach with is rather nice. Very comforting.

The links to the yoghurt making are excellent, Jejune. Apparently I can do the same with soy - maybe next week.