Saturday, June 16, 2007

Kaffe society

Lecture tonight by Kaffe Fassett - wonderful!

It was arranged by a local quilting shop so it was mostly quilters, but the slide show and talk included knitted pieces and knitting anecdotes.

The man is in his early 70s and has held up well. He's arrogant, but not without reason. He was accompanied and assisted by his partner, Brandon Mably - a wonderful designer himself.

The colours, the textures - I'm awash!

Didn't take my books to have them signed, but I should have. Karen, sadly blogless, was there and had one of her pattern books signed by both Kaffe and Brandon. Monica was there, too. We had a little drinkie at the Irish Club after, where I fell off the "Cook from the Cupboard" wagon and bought a vodka + tonic. No regrets.

Here's Karen with Kaffe

and with Brandon

But a highlight of the night - Brandon Mably knitting my Time Thief Watch Cap. I'm shamefully thrilled - 41 years of age and still a star-fucker.


Donna Lee said...

Does Brandon knitting your cap make you famous by proxy? It sounds like a terrific lecture.

2paw said...

Do Degrees of Separation work through the Internet?? I think a V&T is perfectly acceptable!!!

Jejune said...

How seriously exciting - I'd be over the moon too :D You know you can't give that hat away now, don't you.