Thursday, June 14, 2007

Give a dog a bone

Hot off the needles, a jumper for my grand-dog, Lochie who lives with my brother and his family.

For the last couple of weeks we've been enjoying the sight of Lochie parading around in Rosie's Punishment Jumper. Hugely entertaining, but not particularly warm. He's already torn one hole in it which had to be darned.

Rosie's Punishment Jumper

So using the Cleckheaton 12ply wool TSS and I found separately I knitted him the world's second cutest dog jumper, the Biscuits and Bones Dog Coat from Patons, Canada. It's free if you join their mailing list.

Crappy photo but you get the idea. The cables down the side of the centre panel are little bones and biscuits.

Peggy has managed to lose her jumper, so tonight I cast on yet another dog jumper.

The 7 things challenge progresses well - there will be a good tally come Sunday. I'm encountering some problems, though. The battery in my watch died two days ago and the on/off button on the tv remote control doesn't work. Pretty sure I can live without the remote control, but may have to replace the watch battery before the end of the challenge.


BREKKIE: Coffee.

MORNING TEA: Two hazlenut chocolates - the gift of a regular client.

LUNCH: Toasted soy cheese sandwich and the bounty of celebrations at work - a quarter of a choc chip scone (not brilliant), a savoury pastry thing (excellent), a taste of the banana bread (also excellent). Coffee.

AFTERNOON TEA: Tea and a slice of carrot cake.

DINNER: More freezer roulette. There's a little bag of chicken cacciatore somewhere in there and the rice is cooking as I type.

SUPPER: After today's sugar fix - black tea will be served before bedtime.

I'm almost out of veg and would prefer to wait until Sunday to buy it at the farmers' market. Mum left several tomatoes and there's silver beet in the garden. I might try this tomato and lentil risotto recipe and add the silver beet at the end for tomorrow night.


The Shopping Sherpa said...

You can have some of The World's Most Expensive Celery if you'd like some.

Delivery is free. I'd like to share the joy ;-)

Kate said...

The B&B dog jumper is ridiculously cute! Love those cables. Will you do the same for the Peggy-girl? Or do you have a different offering?

You're inspiring me to try to abandon my hopelessly hedonistic cafe lifestyle, which is incompatible with one income/new addition to the household/trying to save for many baby viewing trips across the wide brown land. As of Saturday (shopping day) I'm going to start living out of the pantry too. I'll give it a month and see how the pre & post budgets compare...

Taphophile said...

Peggy can't wait for me to do the whole Aran thing for her - she's getting a basic coat but in moss-stitch for added texture and warmth. Nearly finished the neck band and I'll knit it solidly over the weekend. She doesn't mind me wrapping her in a towel for extra warmth at night, but she's very jealous of Rosie's jumper and keeps trying to get into it while Rosie is wearing it.

Good luck with cooking from your pantry, Kate.

Jejune said...

I am astonished at the cabled doggy jumper - it is just gorgeous! Very pampered fur babies there :)

You're doing really well with this Cook form the Cupboard thing - very impressed. You're lucky to have a regular client who provides chocolates - now, where can *I* find one of those?

Sue H said...

Love those doggy jumpers. I will have to knit one for Latte. I do have a pattern somewhere.
How on earth did Peggy manage to lose her jumper? What a naughty little girl she is. lol Hopefully Latte won't lose hers. It's not likely though as she really doesn't like to go out much, especially now that "it's cold out there mum!!!"