Sunday, June 10, 2007

Day one of the "get this crap out of my lounge room" clean up didn't result in the progress I had planned. Only about half the stuff in the lounge room has been sorted, turfed or moved.

Please note that the room in question is exactly half of the whole house. I have, to my mortification, had to move the WIPs from a small basket to a gargantuan basket and still not everything fits in it. Really, the solution to most of the clutter in my house is more knitting time.

And I forgot to show you a few recent acquisitions.

The Shopping Sherpa lived up to her name by tracking down a bag full of circs. We were discussing our respective op-shop habits over lunch. Despite having reasonably similar tastes, we rarely compete for stuff and keep our eyes out for items within our respective collection development policies. I'd mentioned that I always buy circular needles when I see them and authorised her to purchase any she sees up to $2 each. Less than a week later she finds the motherlode of op-shop circs and mines it for all its worth (about $32 as it happens).

She also found a bag of 12ply in a mostly knitted state which is fine by me.

But in an "only in Canberra moment", the fawn coloured wool matches exactly the shade and dyelot of wool I'd bought some months previously at Curtin Vinnies out of which I'd just started a TTWC.

Although there was enough here to knit a vest or something, frankly the colour doesn't really suit and a 12ply vest on this body - I think not. Now that I look at it, that's TTWC 2007.56 which I forgot to photograph yesterday!

And I won another contest over at Yarn. Two balls of Rare Yarns mohair, wool and alpaca blend in gorgeous blues, greens and purples and (not pictured) a set of dpns with which to fashion this into a hat. I'm thinking a beret por moi. The card instructs my mother to keep her hands off - I love Barbara.

Right, back to the clean up.


The Shopping Sherpa said...

I have a collection development policy?!

Oh yes, of course (*looks shifty*) "If I like it I buy it". There.

And my suspicion in those two lots of wool arrived in the Vinnies bin together and were seperated during their trip through the hell that is Vinnies Mitchell sorting centre...

Anonymous said...

Wow...TSS certainly did strike the Circ Mother Lode on your behalf!!
Congrats on the Yarn contest win - way to go :-)

Kate said...

Hey, I think I've found two beret patterns for that prize yarn in Interweave Knits magazines. The first one is the Speckled Beret' in IK Winter 2005 and the second is the 'Tweed Beret' in IK Winter 2006. Both are v. pretty. Lemme know if you want to look at the patterns.