Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A couple of weeks ago, a member of my staff told me about the gorgeous hand-knitted jumper she had just bought her baby daughter, but how it only just fit her.

Well a fit was just about what I had. She had BOUGHT a hand-knit when both her mother and her boss are knitters! Her Mum is overseas just now, but I'm not. I rifled the boodle for an appropriate yarn. It took 24 hours to match a pattern with a yarn. FYI, most of my 5ply is in dark colours, completely inappropriate for a sugar and spice 8 month old. Finally I excavated this mid-blue reclaimed yarn. I bought it as a cardie for $1 last year and it has knitted up beautifully in this Paton's pattern jumper with a deep lace edge to the body and sleeves and a picot neckline.

I'm pleased with it and N should get a couple of seasons out of it.



Brekkie: Coffee. It's Monday, who has time for breakfast on a Monday?

Lunch: Not a moment too soon, really should have had breakfast. My favourite lunch - chopped carrot, beans, broccoli and (over priced) zucchini seved with a teaspoon of margarine and lots of freshly ground black pepper. What? Doesn't everyone have a pepper grinder in their work locker? An orange for afters.
Dinner: Left over mushroom risotto. Orange.

Supper: Tea and a slice of banana cake (ok, two slices of banana cake) fresh from the freezer.


Brekkie: Toast with the last of the lemon butter bought at Tarcutta in April. Coffee.

Lunch: Last of the mushroom risotto.

Dinner: Veggie curry made on Saturday in anticipation of a busy week. Served with rice.

Supper: Well, there's still some banana cake left.


Jejune said...

That is a beautiful pattern, Taph, and I love the colour - I'm sure the mum and bub will be suitably gob-smacked!

Aaaah, freshly ground black pepper - one of the joys of life. You're doing so well on this Cook from the Cupboard thing!

Tonight we're having a Salmon Potato Bake, and I got everything from the pantry, so I'm pleased with my small effort...

2paw said...

Oh the dress is so pretty, I love the lace pattern around the hem and it looks very feminine!!! Lucky baby!!

Donna Lee said...

Is that like the "cobbler's children are barefoot"? My grandmother always said that when I was a kid. You are doing amazingly well with the cook from the cupboard! I only shop twice a month and am fortunate to have a large freezer in the garage to keep frozen things in. I would hate to spend much more time and money in the grocery store.

Olivia said...

Love that jumper, it is very sweet and not toooooo sweet!

Kate said...

Wow - you must have hared through that to get it finished so quickly. Mum and bubs will be very grateful recipients, I'm sure : )

You're doing well on the EFTP project. I'm sort of keeping up; I've allowed myself lattes only so that I can get out of the house on days when I've not got any socialising scheduled. I look at this as sanity insurance : P Having said that, I'm taking my own bikkie with me to the cafe as they don't mind given that they don't make GF stuff.

kms said...

that jumper is gorgeous. makes my little boxy cardi that i started in feb for a baby due in august (which now approaches all too quickly) look downright boring. which it is, which is why im not knitting it quicker. and what is that that youre reading with your lunch? finished my essays today finally, my brain is fried... i wish more of them had read the millis!

Taphophile said...

I was reading Beneath the Blonde by Stella Duffy. A great example of the Tart Noir genre; the closest I get to chick lit. I read 4 pages and realised I'd read it before. Bugger.